Member Benefits
Upon completion of the course, successful candidates receive worldwide recognition and become certified members of PGTCA. The top 10% of each class will have the opportunity for direct placement as a golf instructor. All successful graduates receive a 30 day free extended training program.
Job Placement Programs

Each candidate receives an advanced personalized instructional video after completion of the course.

Each member receives free employment direction and resume building tips through Membership Services at PGTCA, Quarterly Magazine Mr

Each member receives training in the new GolfwitsTM on-course teaching software.

Product Discounts
Each member receives discounts on hundreds of teaching aid products on the market today.

Each member receives one free year subscription to Incredible Golf Savings. Including wholesale pricing on all major golf equipment.

Wholesale prices on GolfwitsTM Software.

Special membership prices with Lamkin Grips.

Special membership prices on UST TM golf shafts.

Wholesale prices on golf instruction books and tapes.

Partnership Programs

10% Discount with Alamo Rental.

35% off wholesale prices for personal use with Liquid Metal GolfTM

Each member receives discounted rates from lessons in to promote your business. The only online service dedicated entirely to promoting golf instructors.

Each member is eligible for partnership program with Prince Golf.

PGTCA Logo rights (bags, shirts, hats, letterheads)
Travel Arangements


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